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Miners W

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Wagner W
Wagstaff H M
Walden Albert
Walden Frank
Walden Reg Killed in mine, January 1957
Walkden A W
Walker F D
Walker G D
Walker P W
Wallace A
Wallbank D C
Wallen R A
Walsh J T
Walters J L
Ward D E
Ward F
Ward H J C
Ward J D
Ward S
Wardle J R
Warren B
Warren J
Warren J T
Warwick T W
Watkins A
Watson F W
Watson J
Watson J
Watson M
Watson W H T
Watts Henry Died in 1908 disaster, age 47
Watts J K
Weate D
Webb J
Webster L
Weise J C
Welby J
Welsh J B
Westburn K
Westwood D
Westwood G D
Westwood John
Westwood J B
Whalley D
Whapplis -
Wheddon C E
Wheeldon N E
Wheeler A L
White B
White D J
White D S
White J
White J
White K
White T
Whitehead W
Whitehouse Derek
Whitehouse Harold, Snr.
Whitehouse Harold, Jnr.
Whitehouse James
Whitehouse Ken
Whitehouse Norman
Whitehouse Samuel (Snr)
Whitehouse Samuel (Jnr)
Whitehouse William
Whittingham James Killed in mine
Whitmore B E
Wilcox T
Wile D R
Wile E
Wileman A
Wilkes H
Wilkes J
Wilkes M
Wilkins J
Wilkinson E E
Wilkinson M P
Wilks A
Wilks Z
William D G
William J F
Williams A
Williams D
Williams D H B
Williams F
Williams G W
Williams Havelock Died in mine acident at Hamstead July 13th 1934, age 48. Details from Birmingham Evening Mail of 21st July 1934 provided here.
Williams H J
Williams H V
Williams J T
Williams K F
Williams R G
Williams T
Williams W
Williamson Abnor Died in 1908 disaster, age 47
Williamson F W
Wilson J
Wilson M
Wilson R
Wilson T
Wilson W
Wiltshire G
Windys R
Winstone J
Wise W
Witcomb J K
Wollason H
Wollaston James Henry
Woloszyn M
Woodfield Keith Hamstead 1956 - 1962
Woodhurst J W
Wooding K
Woodrow M
Woodvine H
Wooldridge B T
Woolley J
Wootton A A
Workman R S
Wragg K W
Wright H
Wright J A
Wright R F
Wyszczelski R


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