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Miners M

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Mackintosh A D
Magee W
Maguire F
Mahon J C
Mahoney D J
Major V D
Maksymin Y
Maloney P
Manikowski F
Manison R F
Mann C E
Mann N N
Manning A I
Mapp G
Marchant T H
Margvisiak B
Marinkovic V
Marriot K G
Marriott J A
Marriott P
Marsh I D
Martin A
Martin P
MartinRobert (Bob)
aka Tex
Moved from county Durham November 1963 and he worked in the Hamstead mine
until one of the beams fell on him causing him to have a slipped disk.
Martins J A
Mason A
Mason B W
Mathews R L
Mathewson A W
Maynard A
Mcavay M
McCallion J
McCarthy D G
McCarthy F
McClung W
McCormack J
McCormick T
McCourt M
McDaid J
McDermott J
McDonagh B
McDonald J
McDonald J
McDonald R
McDonald R
McGarel E
Mcgeachie D
McGinner C
McGinnes M J
Mcilhatton J P
McIlwraith T
McIntosh M V
Mcintosh S
Mckee K
McKenzie J
McKenzie L
McKeon J
McKeown J
McKeown S
McKinney R
Mclaughlin K O D
McMeekin D
McMillan M
McNaul J A
McPake W J
Meara P
Meisner B
Meredith A C
Merrick Arthur Died in 1908 disaster, age 23
MeachemIsaacFirst Colliery Manager 1880
Messam N A
Messan R N
Middleton T
Mihajlovic R
Miles D B
Miles Reginald
Mill M S
Millan R R 
Miller B G
Miller T E
Miller T R
Millichap E
Millichap R A
Mills D
Mills R
Millward A E
Millward J
Millward J
Miltino E
Mitchell C
Mitchell Samuel Died in 1908 disaster, age 44
Mock K
Moffat J A
Mole F
Monks T H J
moody P
Moore C
Moore E A
Moore H
Moore J
Moore J H
Moore J L
Moore L R
Moore N G
Moore R
Moorhouse William Blacksmith. Killed in the mine on 27th July 1930
when he was trapped in a haulage mechanical machine.
Moran J P
Moreton J T
Morgan A M
Morgan E
Morgan M
Morgan R
Morlowe F
Morris A E
Morris B B
Morris F
Morris J E
Morris K
Morris M
Morris R G
Morris T
Morris T G
Morris T T
Morton A S
Moselley D L
Moy F J
Moy R
Mukherjee A
Mulkern M J
Mullings K
Muqtadir A
Murphy D
Murphy P J
Murphy R
Murphy V
Murray J
Murray P
Murrell D


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