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Miners H

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Haddon C
Haddon J
Hadley A J
Hadley P
Haig W W
Haines V G
Hall J
Hallard Luke Henry Killed by a fall of coal at Hamstead Colliery in January 1939, age 39. Additional info...
Hallett William
Halliday T H 
Hamer J W
Hamilton D
Hamilton P
Hampton L
Hancox James Died in 1908 disaster
Hancox James Binsley b. 28th November 1884
Hancox J E
Handley A
Hanson B P
Hardy L
Harney R
Harper J
Harris Bert
Harris E S W
Harris J
Harris J
Harris N J
Harris P
Harrison C E
Harrison G
Harrison J
Harrison M
Harrison N N
Harrison R
Hart J
Harvey G
Harvey J
Harvey L
Harvey R
Harvey Samuel
Harwick R A J
Harwood K
Hassall F
Hassall R B
Hassall W G
Hatton A H
Hatton F
Hatton W
Hawkley K P
Hawkins John Henry
Haycock L
Haycock L
Hayden A
Hayes H
Hayes J
Hayes T J
Haynes B J
Hayter G L
Hayward D C
Hayward H
Hayward P F
Healy D T
Heath A
Heath A T
Heath D H
Heath N
Heeney J
Heggie R T
Hehire M
Hemmings A
Henley A W
Henley J
Herd D
Herd N C
Hewitt R J
Hickenbottom J
Hickin P W
Hickinson B
Hickman G
Hickman J W
Hicks W
Higginbottom W
Higgins I
Higgins M P
Higginson S J
Highcock W
Highfield J H
Higley G
Hill G T
Hill J H
Hill K
Hill N
Hill R
Hill R
Hill W
Hinkley L
Hinton R
Hintton G A
Hipkiss P
Hissink H H
Hladyski D
Hodge L
Hodges E G
Hodgkins William Died at mine 3rd November 1896
Hodgkiss Joseph Died in 1908 disaster, age 17
Hodgson John Albert Died in 1908 disaster, age 29
Holbrook D R
Holbrook P
Holgate J R H
Holland J
Holland Lawrence Manager of Mine, 1908
Hollis Ben
Holloway Glyn
Holloway M
Holloway W
Hollyoak Thomas Died in 1908 disaster, age 39
Holmes A
Holmes Jack
Holmes R W
Holmes S
Holowtschak N
Homer B D
Hone J
Hooson J
Hope R
Hopkins G
Hopkins N T
Horler Jack Died in pit 1/4/1957
Horler Joseph
Horton E P
Horton George
Horton William Henry
Horvat D
Hosey A J
Houghton C
Houlihan J
Howard J C
Howard K
Howard Soloman
Howard W P
Howell G
Howell Joseph Died in 1908 disaster, age 35
Howes G W R
Hrywniak P
Hudwin N G
Hughes J. Snr.
Hughes J. Jnr.
Hughes R
Hughes R
Hughes T E
Humphries D H 
Humphries E J
Humphries Henry Walter died 1905 due to carbon monoxide poisoning at Hamstead mine, aged 38. Additional info...
Humphries J
Humphries J
Humphries R
Humphries R
Humphries R H
Humphries T
Hunter F D
Huzaski W
Hynes B


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