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Miners - D

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Dale E M
Dallas G
Daly C
Darby D A
Darkes H
Davidson F C
Davidson R J
Davies A J
Davies E
Davies P
Davies W
Davies W H
Davis Benjamin
Day E P
Day K
Deeming G F
Deeth A G
Denby U
Denski F
Devlon T
Dickenson R
Dikelis V
Dimmock G
Dingley E
Dixon E
Dobrijevic D
Dobson A
Doherty P J
Dokic M
Domka B
Donne R B
Dougiaty Horace
Doughty R
Dove T
Dowling A
Downey J
Downing D
Downing S J
Doyle J
Doyle P J
Drabycy I
Drench A
Dubif F
Dudic R
Dudley D J
Dudley K L
Duffy E J
Duggan R D
Dugmore H
Dumpe A
Duncan S T
Dunn A W
Dunn D
Dunn T
Dunn W E
Dunne J
Dutton J C
Dyer G
Dziopa M
Dzwanik C


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