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Miners P

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Paddock G
Paddock M J
Paddock M J
Page T W
Paice E G
Palmer B
Palmer R
Palmer R A
Parker T
Parker William "Billy" Thomas James b. 27th October 1926, d. 6th June 2012
Parkes Geoffrey b. 9th May 1936
Parkes R
Parkes R
Parry H R
Parson M W
Parsons A J
Pascall E
Pattinson M J L
Payne J
Peacock A A
Pearce D W
Pearce G F
Pearson A E
Peck E A
Peckover George
Peckover John Died in pit accident, 1901, age 33, Report
Peckover John Thomas Hamstead Colliery 1913-1960
Peckover Thomas Bernard Hamstead Colliery 1945-closure
Peckover Wilfred Hamstead Colliery 1920-1965 Citation here
Peever C F
Pelekis A
Pena A
Pender T J
Peniket Charles Died in mine, 1924
Peniket John Edward Died in mine, 8/9/1908
Penn James Born 1855. Died at mine 15th April 1922.
Percox P J
Perfit J E
Perkins D C
Perkins D E
Perkins R
Perks G H
Perry G R
Perry J G
Pettitt K
Phelon B
Phillips A
Phillips D D
Phillips D P
Phillips F
Phillips M J
Phillips W B H
Pickering F E
Piggott B H
Pilkington B
Pinto J L
Piper A
Plackett T F
Plant H F M
Plumb R
Plumb R M
Plunkett E J
Podins K
Porter J
Poulton A R
Powell L
Powell S
Powollick W
Poxon D E
Poxon Jack
Preece A
Price A M
Price D J
Price W
Price W G
Priest G J
Pritchard A
Pritchard B J E
Probyn Fred
Probyn G
Proffitt J R
Putrucz Z


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