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Links and Acknowledgements


The Committee welcome the support and information provided by individuals and organisations. The following links provide additional information. All links open in a new window

durham logo www.durham-miner.org.uk
From lead in the west to coal in the east, the Durham Miner project is a record of County Durham's mining history. The project has now ended but the web resources are available here.
logo for mining memorabeliawww..mining-memorabilia.co.uk
This site has the intention of introducing those visiting it to the background and history related to the many fascinating types of mining memorabilia commonly collected and researched in the United Kingdom. In addition the site introduces the aims and activities of the NMMA and its members.
NCM logowww.ncm.org.uk
The National Coal Mining Museum for England is the museum of the English Coalfields, based at Caphouse Colliery, Wakefield. Explore the real story of the UK's mining heritage. Preview the Museum by taking the virtual tour on the web site, or find out more about days out, education trips and latest news.
SCIPS logowww.scips.org.uk
Sandwell Community Information & Participation Service Ltd


As well as those organisations and individuals mentioned above the development of this site could not have happened without contributions from individuals whom I would like to thank here:

Hanna Morrall - special thanks for the loan of photographs and materials collected during her days at St Marks Primary School.

Thanks to the following sites for providing information


A brief history of Mines Rescue in the UK developed by Philip Clifford. He is a relative of Walter Clifford who attended the disaster at the Hamstead Colliery in March 1908. On 21st July 1908 Walter received, from His Majesty the King, an Edward Medal (1st Class) for his endeavours .

www.dmm-pitwork.org.uk (formerly www.pitwork.net)

Bill Rileys excellent web site of History, Heroes, memories and Much more


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