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Miners C

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Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Cadien E
Cadien E J
Cains D
Cameron E
Cameron F C
Cannon T E
Cantrill J A
Capener D L
Care A
Carlin D
Carlton M B
Carr A
Carroll P
Carrow J N
Carter D S
Carter G
Carter H E
Carter N
Carter William
Cartwright J
Cartwright R G
Carunana P
Casey G
Chambers C D
Chancellor G
Chapman F
Charlton D
Chase T D
  Cheshire V
Chesire P
Chinn D E
Chomicka D
Chucca A
Clancey J P
Clarke A J
Clarke G C
Clarke J M
Clarke L J
Clarke M J
Clarke S
Clay C A
Clements J D
Clements R H
Clemments J D
Cockbill S T
Cole D
Cole Thomas Died in 1908 disaster, age 34
Cole W
Coley A
Coley G
Coley W
Collins G B
Collins JohnDied in pit 15/5/1933
Collins W
Condon M
Connell D
Connell H
Connell W
Connop D W
Connop Isaac (Snr.)
Connop Isaac (Jnr.)
Connor A
Conway P
Cook W H
Cooksey R
Cooper C
Cooper J W
Copcutt J
Cope D G
Copson A
Cotton John
Cottrill W H
Cowley J
Cox C
Cox E
Coyle J
Coyne T P
Craig A F
Crichan V
Crisp J
Croghan P C
Cross J
Crowther M
Cudden T
Cullen G A
Cunneen C
Curtis Alfred Thomas Died in 1908 disaster, age 34
Curtis J H
Cyerniah W
Czap L


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