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Miners O

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
O'Brien F J
O'Brien J
O'Brien J
O'Bullivan F
Ocaccia R J
O'Connell J
O'Connor M
O'Gorman P
Oldaker P A
O'Malley T
O'Neill C D
O'Neill G
O'Neill-Cronin M J
Onions J
Oragoonis G
Oregan J
O'Reilly C B
O'Reilly E
Ornig W
Osborne A
O'Sell P T
Ostojic M
O'Toole P
Oversby N
Owen D A
Owen T
Owen W F
Oxley H


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  • We welcome information and photographs on Hamstead Colliery and Great Barr