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Miners S

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Sadler R A
Saint A V
Salisbury K
Sanders A
Sarkar N K
Sarnecki S
Savings J A
Scanlon M
Schneider R
Schroeder A
Schweizer E
Scott R
Scott T L
Screen F
Seabright A
Seager D R
Selvey W
Semlitoch A
Seymore Joseph died 1944, age 56
Shale A J
Shale Francis, snr
Shale Francis, jnr
Shanks D
Sharland A J
Sharratt N
Shaw A
Shaw B
Shaw J
Sheen L A
Sheldon J W
Shepherd H W
Sheppard G A
Sheridan E
Sheriff B J
Sherwood N
Shilook B
Shortall T
Sibble V
Simms J E
Simmonds HarryAt Hamstead 1920's until died in 1961
Simons V
Singh F
Singh R
Sinnott N
Slater J
Smallbones R
Smart B G
Smart M
Smart T
Smith A
Smith A
Smith A
Smith A
Smith A C
Smith A J
Smith B H
Smith B W
Smith D
Smith Edward (Eddy)Miner 1964 - 1966
Smith E F
Smith E J
Smith E T
Smith F R
Smith G J
Smith G T
Smith I A
Smith I A
Smith J
Smith J
Smith J
Smith J A
Smith J D
Smith J W
Smith K
Smith N
Smith P
Smith R
Smith R
Smith R C
Smith T
Smith T
Smith T H
Smith W
Smith W
Smith W H 
Smoth B
Snape B D
Snape J L
Snape W E
Snider D S
Southall D
Southall W
Southcroft R
Spanovic B
Sparrow M
Spearman R
Spencer M R
Spiers G
Spiwak S
Spizer R G
Stanbury S
Stanley J
Stanley W
Stanojevic S
Stansbie D
Stansfield T A
Stansley R
Stapleton P
Stapuess A
Starline M
Starling F W
Stephenson R
Stevens F R
Stevens Bert Died in mine, 2/3/1960
Stevens Wilfred
Stevens William Horace
Stevenson J G
Stewart T
Stitt J
Stocker S T
Stokes T
Stoner D
Street J C
Stubbs J
Suiderski M
Summerfield Charles Died in 1908 disaster, age 34
Summerfield John Died in 1908 disaster, age 26
Summerfield T W
Summerfield Walter Died in 1908 disaster, age 21
Sutton W
Swan N A
Sweetman E T
Szal G
Szemak L
Szucs L


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