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Miners B

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Bache G E G
Badham Phillip
Badger J T
Baggaley S
Baggot G
Bagshaw L
Bailey B R
Bailey C E
Baker J H
Baker R
Baker W E
Bakewell G
Baldry T
Ball J
Ballet J
Banjuick W
Baranski A
Barasyuk K
Barker B
Barker E R
Barker G T
Barker R G
Barley F W
Barnes M
Barr J R
Barratt R
Basterfield M
Bateman Alfred died working in the mine in 1940s
Bateman William Banksman at time of 1908 disaster
Bateman William John
Bates C
Bates J
Bates W
Batzes J
Bayarn J
Bayrumm A O
Beard E
Beaumont C H
Beaumont H
Beech S
Beeson John Edward Killed at Hamstead colliery 23 Feb 1909 aged 37. Buried in All Saints Churchyard.
Belencyah M
Bell A
Bell C
Bell H
Bell J
Bennett E
Bennett H
Bennett J
Benton E G
Benzing J
Berry G P
Bertram J
Berzins J
Beswick J J
Bethel F
Bickerman G
Biggs K
Billingham L
Bills J
Binsley J S
Binsley W D
Birch Horace
Birch J T
Birch R
Bird C J
Bird E
Bird W
Biscup M
Blackmore R W
Blakeway T J
Bland George Frederick
Blewer R P
Blewitt F
Blundell J
Blunn R W
Blunt P
Boleslaw C
Bolt P L L
Bone J
Bonehill C
Bonner N W
Booth K
Booth M J
Booth R
Borne B
Botfield J H
Bott W
Bottomley -
Bourne Brian1953-55
Bourne K C
Bourne M S
Bowen J H
Bowen William (Bill) Died in pit 1956
Boyd I
Boyd J
Boyle M
Bradfield W
Bradley James Died in 1908 disaster, age 45
Bradley L R
Bradley W E A
Brady J
Brady J
Brady P P
Brakmonis O
Bratke K
Brettell L
Brewster T C
Broadbent B T
Brogan J
Bromley W I
Brookes D W
Brown E
Brown H A
Brown L G
Browne T
Bruce K
Bruce M E
Bruton C
Bryan C B
Bryan (Snr) George
Bryan (Jnr) George
Buchanan J
Bukauskas P
Bull L
Bullock A
Bullock J A
Buncle J
Bunn E
Bunting T P
Burford A J
Burton Enoch Died in 1908 disaster, age 39
Burgess H
Burgess R
burke M
Burke P
Burns G
Burton F C
Burton W F
Busby P E F
Butler G
Butler J  M
Buttery Richard
Butulijan N
Byard P A
Byne M
Bynion R
Byrne J
Byrne P


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