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Hamstead Colliery and the Hamstead Miners Memorial Trust

During the middle of 2002 Ken Styler, a local Hamstead resident and Chair of the Trust, organised a public meeting to discuss his vision for a lasting memorial to the Hamstead Miners. This was a well attended meeting of the local community. This meeting elected a Steering Group to take the vision forward. The group felt that the memory of Hamstead's mining village, together with the miners who died in the 1908 disaster, was not given the respect and recognition it deserved and that in particular the local young people were not aware of the tragic event that happened in their community.

The Steering group meets on a regular basis to take the project forward and during 2003 became a charity and changed its name from the Hamstead Miners Memorial Fund to the Hamstead Miners Memorial Trust.

Picture of members of the Trust

Some Members of the Trust at work

The Trust Board is made up of the following people:

  • Tony Ward (Chairperson and Treasurer)
  • Reg Hackett
  • Tony Fowler
  • Maureen Dacey

CHARITY REG. NO. 1098711

You can email us at:    
hamsteadminers @ hotmail.com

We have been fortunate enough to secure grants from the West Bromwich Town Team, SCVO and Awards For All which enabled us to purchase office and computer equipment, cameras, etc. We also received a grant which enabled us to employ a facilitator who helped us in consultations with the public as to the type of memorial they would like to see in Hamstead. the results of the consultations were presented at an exhibition at the Tanhouse Community Centre who offered us a permanent exhibition area in which to display our memorabilia. We also received funding to help with our original web-site.

Our thanks go to the Hamstead Social Club for their continued support for out project.

A founder member was Mrs. Brenda Harrison J.P. who was a very active member, particularly with fund raising. Brenda passed away in January 2005. Val Ward was a trustree and treasurer, who has alsopassed away


  • The HAMSTEAD MINERS MEMORIAL TRUST is a registered Charity No.1098711
  • We welcome information and photographs on Hamstead Colliery and Great Barr