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Miners F

Surname Forename/Initials Notes
Falconer D G
Fearns F
Felle A
Fellows J L
Ferguson A
Ferris J
Ferryman D C
Field F A
Finch Albert Killed 18th July 1911 by a fall of roof in the Thick Coal caused by a Hamstead 'bump'
Finch Daniel
Finch D A
Fitzgerald F B
Fitzmaurice T
Fitzpatrick G
Flahery M
Fletcher A E
Fletcher L A
Fletcher V J
Flood J L
Florey D
Ford C G
Ford E
Ford J
Ford J
Ford J A
Forknall J
Fortt Leslie
Foster A
Foster A
Foster B
Foster C N
Foster D
Foster M
Fowkes J H
France Joseph d. 1916
Freeman D
Freeman W J 
Freeth T
Friend E A
Friend J
Fullerton V S
Furlong J C
Furness R A


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