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John Welsby

When the fire broke out in Hamstead mine on the 4th. March 1908 there was a need for expert help. Rescue teams from Hamstead, Tankersley and Altofts in Yorkshire, made many attempts to reach the entombed men.

John Welsby a member of Altofts rescue team died on the 5th. March while endeavouring to penetrate further into the mine than his strength would allow. The heat of the mine, and the fact that he had recently been in indifferent health, played a part in his death.

John Welsby was posthumously awarded the EDWARD VII Medal. (Medals were also awarded to James Hopwood, James Whittingham, James Cranswick)

John Welsby

There were many momentoes produced to recognise the heroism of John Welsby.

Welsby momento

A local road Welsby Avenue was named after the hero of 1908.

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