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EDWARD VII medals were awarded to :-

1st Class :-

Walter Clifford (Tankersley Brigade)
James Cranswick (Altofts Brigade),
James Hopwood (Altofts Brigade) ,
John Henry Thorne (Tankersley Brigade) (Medal sold at auction September 2010),
James Whittingham

2nd Class:-

John Welsby {Posthumous} (Altofts Rescue Brigade) and
Joseph Outram (Tankersley Brigade).

It was reported in the London Gazette of Tuesday 28th July 1908:

Whitehall, July 27, 1908.
His Majesty has been pleased to award the Edward Medal of the Firat Class to James Hopwood ; James Whittingham ; James Cranswick ; John Henry Thome ; Walter Clifford; and the Edward Medal of the Second
Class to Joseph Outram. His Majesty has been graciously pleased to allow the widow of John Welsby to receive the Medal which would have been granted to her husband.

Medals paid from Disaster Fund

In addition to the Edward Medals, some 4 months after the disaster, 40 special medals were struck, 24 in raw unpolished gold, 16 in silver and a further 2 in bronze. The gold medals were awarded with £25 and the silver medals with £10. They were presented at Birmingham Town Hall on July 6th 1908.

The medals were engraved with the words :-

MARCH 1908.
(name engraved)

Hamstead Medal

GOLD Medals awarded to :-

Arthur James Winborne, (Superintendent, Tankersley Rescue Brigade)
John Henry Thorne, Tankersley Rescue Brigade (Medal sold at auction September 2010),
Walter Clifford, Superintendent, Tankersley Rescue Brigade - medal currently held at the National Coal Mining Museum, Caphouse Colliery, Wakefield, Yorkshire
Joseph Outram, Tankersley Rescue Brigade
James Hopwood, Altofts Rescue Brigade
James Cranswick, Altofts Rescue Brigade
Whittingham, Altofts Rescue Brigade
John Welsby, (Posthumous), Altofts Rescue Brigade
Mr Waterhouse (Colliery Manager, Hamstead)
A.W. Grazebrook (Director, Hamstead Colliery)
Lawrence Holland (late manager, Hamstead) - medal held by Birmingham Museum
Rose, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Wright, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Latham, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Jones, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Warner, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Griffith, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Oakley, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
J. Oubridge, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Westwood, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Hugh Johnson (His Majesty's Inspector of Mines)
H.R. Makepeace ( His Majesty's Inspector of Mines) - medal held in House of Commons Medal Collection
John Cadman (His Majesty's Inspector of Mines) - medal currently held by National Coal Mining Museum
A.M. Henshaw (General Manager, Talk 'o' the Hill Colliery)

SILVER Medals awarded to :-

Summerdin, Miner, Hamstead Colliery - medal held in House of Commons Medal Collection
Horton, George. Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Ballet, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Poynton, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Bailey Jnr., Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Evans, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Wilkes, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Nock Jnr., Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Dolan, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
House, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Frank, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Adams, Miner, Hamstead Colliery
Haigh (Tankersley Rescue Brigade)
Taylor (Tankersley Rescue Brigade)
Thomas Fox (Altofts Rescue Brigade)
Anderson (Tankersley Rescue Brigade)

Grateful thanks for the information provided by Phillip Clifford www.Heroes-of-Mine.co.uk

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