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The Appeal Fund

The disaster was more than just the lost of life as all the closure of the mine would mean loss of income and serious hardship for the families of Hamstead miners.

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham started an official appeal fund and money came from across the country. Queen Alexander, wife of Edward VII donated £100.

On three days nearly £3000 was received
March 16th £1,090
March 17th £1,194
March 18th £729
By June a total of £7,140 6s 3d was recorded and by July the fund stood at £12,000.

Several concerts were arranged with proceeds to the fund. Concerts were given at Cannock and Hendesford. An amateur dramatic performance was given at The Anchorage” Handsworth Wood and a matinee was arranged on Match 28th 1908 at the Gaiety Palace.

The most impressive was at the Theatre Royal (1893-1926), Aston Road North, Birmingham held on March 21st 1908. The acts included some famous names of the time. Harry Lauder (1870-1950), a notable Scottish entertainer. He had mining links as he was married to Anne Vallance, the daughter of a colliery manager at Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. (Lauder was knighted in January 1919.) Miss Vesta Tilley (1864-1952) the most famous and well paid music hall male impersonator of her day, and The Flying Kellinos - acrobats.

Artistes apperaing at the matinee
Picture kindly provided by Andrew Maxam of Maxam Cards

Other fund raising events included a competition arranged by the Perry Barr Rifle Club at their range at the Wellhead, Franchise St, Perry Barr.


Others also had the story to tell. Some wrote poems which were sold in pubs across the area at one penny a time to raise funds. Some of these are given on the Poems pages.

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