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The Brickworks

It is not clear when the brickworks was built but it was reported in 1929 that a new kiln had recently been installed by the Hamstead Brick Co., Ltd. (Birmingham, England). It was the invention of Alvis Habla of Czechoslovakia. The kiln is 84 ft. long and 63 ft. wide and is of the zigzag Hoffman type.

£25,000 was spent on the Brickworks. The works was capable of producing 250,000 bricks per week.

Special equipment allowed shale from the pit to be used in the production of bricks. An aerial rope-way linked the pithead to the brickworks to transfer the shale from the mine direct to the brick making plant and for disposal of material previously tipped on the mound. This crossed the Old Walsall Road at the end of the village.

The Staffordshire Continuous Kiln contains 20 burning chambers, each holding 20,000 bricks brickleaflet (25K).


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