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The Pit Head Baths

Since the beginning of the mine miners had no facilities for washing. It was not until 1937 that there was proper provision for bathing. The installation had an open weekend on May 22nd and 23rd 1937 when the public could view the new facilities, and were open for use after this.

The Baths were operated as a trust with the site being provided by the colliery. They were built using the Miner's Welfare Fund which was created by a levy on each ton of coal output.

view of the baths (20K)

The baths had a 'Clean' entrance and a 'Pit' entrance and miners also had two lockers for Clean and Dirty clothes. The instuctions provided on the opening of the baths give clear instructions on how miners would use the facilities

Going To Work

"On the first day the Baths are opened, go to work in your pit clothes, but carry your clean clothes with you in a parcel.
Enter the building at the Clean Entrance. There you will receive in exchange for your Bather's Registration Slip, a Key and a Card bearing the number of your two lockers. Also a towel and tablet of soap will be issued free to every man who comes to work on the opening day. Proceed to the locker in the clean clothes locker room bearing the number on the card and key. This contains a soap tray, take this out and hand your home clothes on the four central hooks in the locker and put your hat or cap on one of the side hooks.
Hooks are provided on a rail in front of the lockers to hang overcoats on. If a wet overcoat is put inside the locker, it must be spread with thewet side against the back and sides of the locker.
Close and lock your locker, withdrawing the key carefully. take your towel, soap and soap tray (and bathing slip) with you to the pit clothes locker room. Here, under the same number, you will find your pit clothes locker. Hang up your towel (and slip) and put your soap tray and soap in the slip provided for it inside the locker.
After the first day go to work in your clean clothes, take them off in the clean clothes room and hang them in your locker. Take your towel and soap tray (and bathing slip) and go to your pit clothes locker. Put on you pit clothes there and leave your towel and soap tray (and bathing slip) in the locker ready for your return from the pit."


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