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Hamstead Colliery and the Hamstead Miners Memorial Trust

In 1876 the Hamstead Colliery Company, formed in April 1875 to buy land at Hamstead from G.C. Calthorpe of Perry Hall, began to sink mine shafts. A thick coal seam was reached by April 1880 at a depth of almost 2000 feet. The mine closed on March 26th 1965 and the area redeveloped for housing.

This site supports the Hamstead Miners Memorial Trust who have created a display of Hamstead Colliery memorabilia in the Tanhouse centre, and are raising funds for to maintain the memory of the Hamstead Miners.

On 4th March 1908 a terrible disaster occurred when fire broke out in Hamstead Colliery causing the deaths of twenty-five miners and John Welsby, a member of the rescue team.

The Grand unveiling of the monument in memory of the miners who worked and died in Hamstead Colliery took place on Friday 13th June 2008 by Dr. Carl Chinn. Pictures and a video of the ceremony are on the memorial page

Each March since 2009 wreaths have been laid to commemorate the anniversary of the Hamstead Disaster of 1908.

To mark 100 years since the 1908 disaster a number of events were held in 2008. Information and press cuttings are available on the Centenary page.

The 1908 pages provide more detailed information on the disaster.


  • The HAMSTEAD MINERS MEMORIAL TRUST is a registered Charity No.1098711
  • We welcome information and photographs on Hamstead Colliery and Great Barr